Laguna Hills City Council Election Results

Laguna Hills City Council Election Results Laguna Hills City Council Election Results

My Candidate Statement for Laguna Hills City Council

I love Laguna Hills!

I grew up in a single-wide mobile home where my mom and I grew vegetables to help pay the bills.  From these humble beginnings I learned the value of hard work.  I started my first software company at age eight and have developed financial analysis applications used by many of the world’s largest corporations ever since.

I’m on the Orange County School of the Arts Foundation Board.  Each December my wife and I elaborately decorate our home and provide warm apple cider to thousands of visitors while collecting over a thousand toys for needy children.  Our passion for our wonderful Laguna Hills neighbors has led to my decision to seek to serve our community as your council member. 

Fiscal responsibility is my top priority.  My agenda is straightforward:

  • Reform city management compensation
  • Fight for reduced water rates and elimination of the tiered billing system
  • Enhance public safety, including ensuring that we continue to employee a Student Resource Officer at Laguna Hills High School
  • Develop a more flourishing business environment
  • Provide much-needed services including low-cost afterschool programs and additional services for seniors. 

My actions on city council will be governed by my core beliefs in freedom, individual rights, small government and low taxes.  

I respectfully ask for your vote for City Council. 

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Laguna Hills Water Rates Postcard

Laguna Hills Business Postcard

Laguna Hills Business Postcard


Laguna Hills City Council – A Time for Community by Andrew Blount

Andrew Blount for Laguna Hils City Council

Hello My Fellow Laguna Hills Citizens and Friends,

You and I live in a country where every man, woman and child has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It is this inalienable right that allows us to succeed in creating the lifestyles Americans enjoy. 

In order to maintain these liberties we must protect them.  One of those liberties is our ability to transact commerce.  Oppressive government regulations at best slow our pursuit and in some cases even destroy it.  We don’t have to look to Washington DC as the sole source or even the solution to the problem, it starts right here with our local laws.  It is our local officials who make the laws that walk through our front doors.  They are our neighbors here in Laguna Hills and they play a huge role in the success of our community. 

Our form of government is based on a concept of self-governance.  We elect our own leaders, they are not appointed to us.  Self-government starts with you and me.  Self-government is something you can put your hands on and is a place where you can have a voice.  The most important election this November is for your local officials because they have a profound effect on your home, your community and your life.  Local government is the best example of self-government because it is closest to you, the people.  Even in our great city we have issues that need addressing. 

A city’s officials are the stewards of the collective resources of the people of that city.  Every dollar that is collected should be spent in the very best interests of the city’s residents.  Laguna Hills collects roughly $30,000,000 per year and is home to just over 30,000 lives. 

I ask the citizens of Laguna Hills, are you getting your $1,000’s worth?

I grew up in a single-wide trailer next to the house my parents were building.  They put up every stick with their own hands.  My mother taught me how to grow our own food.  We were poor but we worked hard, learning to be independent and resourceful.  I started writing computer software when I was six years old and sold my first program from a magazine when I was eight years old.  At 19 I moved to California in pursuit of a better life with $17 to my name and a backpack full of passion.  I have been fortunate.  Through blood, sweat and toil I have created products and services the market desired.  I owe my last 20 years of prosperity to California, Orange County, Laguna Hills and the entrepreneurial liberties that America has offered to me. These lessons of hard work and commerce were taught through a difficult path.  They give me an understanding of business that brings value to our great community.

Three years ago, my wife Michelle and I started on a project that at the time seemed small.  I adorned our Laguna Hills home with Christmas lights timed to music and she built some snow villages inside. What started out as a modest effort grew quickly.  Last year we displayed 120,000 lights and served tons of warm apple cider to our faithful visitors.  We hosted over 70,000 visitors through the inside of our home to see the decorations.   Hundreds of thoughtful people donated toys for our Fire Fighters Spark of Love toy drive.  Through this we have had the privilege to meet many wonderful people from our community. 

I care deeply about my friends and neighbors here in Laguna Hills.  There is an undeniable need to move this city in the direction of serving all of its citizens.  Driven by this love I have decided to run for the City Council of Laguna Hills.  Please join me in strengthening the City of Laguna Hills’ relationship with families, businesses, schools and community by endorsing, contributing, volunteering and most importantly voting.

May God bless you and your family and protect your God given right to pursue happiness!

Yours Truly,

Andrew Blount





Andrew J. Blount
Fellow Laguna Hills Resident

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